Where To Learn To Scuba Dive This Summer

learn to scuba dive

If scuba diving has been on your bucket list for years or you just fancy challenging yourself this summer, you’re in for a treat. This popular certification is one of the best skills you’ll ever learn.

Imagine drifting through an underwater world where beautiful coral reefs rise from the depths, fish swim around you, and the surface of the sea shimmers far above. When you learn to scuba dive, you can explore wrecks and relax in this peaceful marine environment.

There are incredible scuba diving spots all over the world, so you get to choose from a wide range of countries to learn in. Once you’ve passed your first course, you’ll be able to scuba dive anywhere you like with scuba clubs or rent equipment and go out with your family.

Let’s take a look at the best places to learn to scuba dive this summer!

1. Florida

Here in Florida’s Crystal River, you can learn to scuba dive in stunning natural surroundings. You can learn from scratch, or experienced divers can take one of our advanced or cave diving courses to go even deeper into this beautiful underwater world.

Learning to scuba dive in Florida means you get to experience the phenomenal marine life here and learn in sheltered, safe surroundings. You might spot manatees on your dive too as they shelter in the Crystal River.

Once you’ve passed your certification, you can go on dive tours anywhere in the world.

2. Grenada

This friendly Caribbean island near the bottom of the West Indian island chain is a great place to learn to scuba dive. Grenada has incredible coral reefs as well as an impressive underwater sculpture park.

The weather is good for diving year-round, and in your downtime, you can explore the island easily as it’s so small. With several dive schools and accommodation set in tropical surroundings, this English-speaking country is a brilliant place to learn.

3. Bahamas

Just a stone’s throw from Florida, the Bahamas has clear, shallow waters with wrecks, caves, and blue holes. Several dive schools operate out of Nassau, and you’ll see marine creatures like lobsters, turtles, and brightly colored reef fish.

You can learn to dive year-round, but summer has the most consistent weather where the sun reflects off the white sand sea bed.

4. Malta

A small island chain in the Mediterranean, Malta, and it’s sister island Gozo are world-class dive locations. Most dive schools are on Gozo, a tiny island just a short ferry journey from Malta itself.

During summer, the water is warm, and you can dive into beautiful reefs and huge wrecks. English is one of Malta’s official languages, so you don’t need to worry about a language barrier. With many UNESCO World Heritage sites, there’s plenty of amazing places to visit within easy reach of your dive school.

5. Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

One of three tiny islands between Bali and Lombok in Indonesia, Gili Trawangan, is a backpacker and diver’s paradise. There are no vehicles on the island, and you can walk or ride a bike everywhere.

With water around 80F throughout the year, this tropical haven has many dive schools. You won’t have to go far offshore to see stunning reefs, and you’ll always find plenty of other learner divers in the bars for a chat after your classes.

6. Dahab, Egypt

Dahab is a huge vacation destination on the banks of the Red Sea and world-renowned for its diving. You can learn to dive right from the shore and explore vibrant coral reefs with little effort.

Dahab typically has calm, clear waters, and with no dive boats needed to learn, you can fit in plenty of underwater time. The local town is filled with bars and restaurants, so there’s plenty of activity to keep you busy when you’re not diving.

7. Bocas Del Toro, Panama

A mangrove and jungle archipelago near the Costa Rican border, the Bocas Del Toro region is an amazing place to learn to dive. The sea here is very sheltered, and the nutrient-rich waters mean coral and fish are abundant.

When you learn to scuba dive here, you’ll travel to different nearby islands and reefs, and you might even come across wrecks. Nurse sharks and dolphins both live in the immediate area and are majestic creatures to watch swim by. Bastimentos town is popular with backpackers, and you can relax in bars that sit on stilts over the water.

8. Caye Caulker, Belize

Next to one of the biggest barrier reefs in the world, Caye Caulker is a phenomenal place to learn to scuba dive. With over 300 species of fish and 65 species of coral, there are few places where you can see such marine diversity.

When diving in Belize, you could spot manatees, nurse sharks, stingrays, and dolphins among so many others. Every dive will show you new and wondrous things, and the water is fantastic from May throughout the summer.

Caye Caulker is a small island, so you’ll have time to explore it all when you’re not diving. It’s two islands with a gap of around 50m between them, and taking a walk around the south island is a great way to get a feel for the slow pace of life here.

Learn to Scuba Dive and Open up a New Underwater World

When you learn to scuba dive, you’ll be able to take that skill with you wherever you go for the rest of your life. In just a few days, you’ll have explored beautiful areas of the majestic underwater world and can take more advanced courses or even do cave training.

Scuba diving lets you experience countries and regions on two different levels, while most people simply explore the land. Swim with dolphins, stingrays, and sea turtles and become a part of this beautiful eco-system.

If you want to learn to dive with us here in Florida’s Crystal River, get in touch to organize your classes. If you’re already a diver but want to take your skills to the next level with technical and cave diving, we’re specialists in getting you there.

We look forward to seeing you underwater!