Weekend Diving Get-A-Way

Central Florida Weekend Getaway

Getting your open water scuba certification can seem intimidating, but you can actually Learn to Scuba Dive on a weekend get-a-way! We bring our students to some of Central Florida’s most beautiful springs for their in-water training, and we even have houses available to rent for your convenience.

How To Get Certified

Complete the e-learning portion of the class from the comfort of your home, just call the shop to get your code and go to the Scuba Diving International website to begin your class on your home PC. http://www.tdisdi.com, / We also offer classes through PADI International. https://www.padi.com/when you have finished, simply schedule two days of scuba diving training with our dive instructor, Jeff Sandmann. We primarily teach through an agency called SDI (Scuba Divers International), but we can teach PADI as well. Jeff is certified to teach up to Dive Master level of training and has many years of experience both scuba diving and training others to dive in Florida and even outside of the United States.

What To Expect

We keep our classes smaller than your average scuba class so that our instructor can focus on students’ needs more closely and so you get more out of your class. Scuba is a physical activity which will require some swimming, so it might be a good idea to get in a pool and swim a couple laps before taking the class to see how comfortable you are in the water.

Where We Dive

In the summer, your pool skills portion of the class usually takes place at Three Sisters Springs, and in the winter at Blue Grotto. Both are stunning get-a-ways and natural springs that are 72° Fahrenheit year-round. For your open water dive on the second day, your class will be at Devil’s Den http://www.devilsden.com/, Rainbow River http://www.floridastateparks.org/park/Rainbow-Springs, or Blue Grotto http://www.divebluegrotto.com/. All are excellent diving locations with great visibility thanks to the natural spring water.

What Else To Do

There’s plenty to do while you’re here. If you can stay for a three-day weekend, even better! We offer a simple snorkel manatee and scallop tour with our experienced guides. You can come on a Friday night, scallop on Saturday until late afternoon, and swim with manatees in the early morning. Now that’s a weekend get-a-way! Crystal River is also home to a great variety of locally-owned restaurants and our downtown has some wonderful gift shops and dining options. Being on the nature coast, we have great wildlife viewing opportunities and trails to check out if you have some extra time.

Where to Stay

Don’t have a place to stay for the weekend? We’ve got you covered. Bird’s Underwater has two rental houses in Homosassa and one near Ginnie Springs http://ginniespringsoutdoors.com/. Take a look at the rentals under our Vacation Rentals or one of on line booking sites such as Vacation Rentals By Owner. https://www.vrbo.com/

How Much Does It Cost?

We try to make our classes affordable by not requiring you to buy gear ahead of time and we keep the cost of the class itself as low as possible and without hidden costs. Classes are $325 plus the entry fee to the springs, which is usually around $30 depending on the spring. Many other classes require you to buy your gear ahead of time, which means you would be spending $250-$300 on gear before even paying for the class! Instead, we provide Scubapro gear to our students so you can decide if you want to buy your own gear after giving scuba diving a try. Not only that, we offer 10% off gear for life for Bird’s Underwater scuba students! The best part is, once you are scuba certified, you are certified for life!