Bird’s Underwater conducts dive training at all levels

Bird’s Underwater is a full service scuba diving training facility. Our instructor’s Jeff Sandmann, Diane and Bill Oestreich have been teaching for over 25 years. Jeff and Cody Cummins teach our Basic Open Water SCUBA Diver, Advanced, Rescue, and Divemaster courses. Bill “Bird” Oestreich teaches all of our technical diving, from basic Cavern through Full Cave, Megalodon Rebreather, Nitrox, Tech Nitrox Trimix, as well as Tech Diving Instructor Training. We offer classes through PADI but we prefer of offer most of our classes through  Technical Diving International/Scuba Diving International.

Service and Repairs

Bird’s is an Authorized ScubaPro Service Center. We also service Dive Rite regulators. All other brands we need to ship out to have repaired.
We provide on site annual tank visual inspections and offer 5 year hydrostatic testing on aluminum and steel tanks.

ScubaPro Platinum Dealer

We are a full service dive center with equipment sales, rental, and repair. We are a ScubaPro Platinum Dealer and stock the following products lines:

Technical Dive Training

Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures 3 to 4 days

Trimix 4 days

Advanced Trimix 4 days

CCR 6 days

Cavern 2 days

Intro cave/ Basic Cave 2 days

Cavern/Basic Cave 3 days

Apprentice Cave 2 days

Full Cave 2 days

Advanced cave (add one day to Full Cave program)

Cave DPV 2 days

Private training at all levels
$325.00 per day

Prices do not include books, gas fills, gear rental or admissions.
Call us for prices on Tech Instructor training (Advanced Nitrox through Advanced Trimix and Cavern through Cave Instructor) at (352) 563-2763.