You will be joining us during the “summer” manatee tours. A small population, primarily mothers and calves, stay in Kings Bay all year. They do not have to shelter in the clear 72 degree spring areas, so we find them grazing throughout Kings Bay where the water can be clear such as on the east side, or murky such as in the middle or on the west side. We find an average of 2 – 6 manatees about 90% of the time. Approximately 50% of the time we find a playful manatee. Please do not expect to find them in the clear waters of Three sisters, this is a winter shelter location, but it is void of food for the manatees so they do not shelter there in the summer months.


Jun 2017

Scuba Diving in Crystal River Florida

15 Tips for Scuba Diving

Before You Get In the Water, Remember These Scuba Tips Interested in becoming a certified scuba diver? Bird’s Underwater can help! Contact our office at 352-563-2763 to speak with one of our expert dive instructors who can start you on an exciting new path of underwater exploration. BEFORE YOU DIVE: Check and double-check your gear […]

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Oct 2016

Captain Cody Bird's Underwater

10 Tips For Buying Dive Gear

10 TIPS FOR BUYING DIVE EQUIPMENT GEAR BASICS Mask:  When choosing a mask, first try it out by looking at the ceiling while fitting the mask over your face (don’t use the strap).  Feel for any gaps between the mask and your skin.  Now inhale through your nose, the pressure of which should keep the […]

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Oct 2016

Group of manatees Crystal River Florida

Are Manatees a Dying Breed?

ARE MANATEES A DYING BREED? Not Anymore, Says The Federal Government In New Report According to a report published in January of this year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is looking into reclassifying the West Indian Manatee from an “endangered” species to merely “threatened.”  The Wildlife Service defines an endangered species as one vulnerable […]

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May 2016

Baby Manatee Crystal River Florida

Manatee Eco Tourism Association statement

As one of the founding members of the Manatee Eco Tourism Association allow me to share our mission statement, and a few personal observations noted over the past 25 years. In 1989 my husband and I thought we were moving to a quiet little waterfront town where we could thaw our frozen bones, work on […]

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Sep 2015

Dive Tours Crystal River Florida

Save Crystal River To Begin Pilot Project To Restore Kings Bay

Save Crystal River to begin pilot project to restore Kings Bay Crystal River, Fla. – Sept. 13, 2015 – Save Crystal River (SCR) is poised to take the first step in an historic project to remove noxious algae from Kings Bay and restore the waterway’s natural habitat. The event is historic because it is the […]

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